August 21, 2009

I JUST PERFORMED AT 100.3s SUMMER RADIO CONCERT Downtown LA. Let me tell you, through the years of doing records that weren't really me and playing for other people...shows like tonight are truly satisfying, my OWN music in front of thousands of people. The venue was this park in the middle of the downtown buildings. I went and got these fake candles (remind me of the haunted mansion ride at disneyland) and I had them all around the stage...that along with my wine-red piano drape did make for quite a mood, not to mention the love songs I sang. Did a meet/greet after the show, met tons of people and heard a lot of personal stories about what my music meant to different ones. It makes this all very worth it when I hear how a certain song of mine has affected someone, to the point that several people cried at the table. Isn't that why we are all in love with music?

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  1. You inspired a lot of people at that concert. You honestly had several people in tears when performing 'Lullaby'. First time I heard your music, and I was even on vacation and just stumbled upon the concert. So glad I did, as it was awesome stuff. Keep it up, and can't wait to see you perform again!