April 20, 2010


Iplayed a friday night concert in Henderson, NV...that's about 15 minutes outside the
Vegas strip. And just because Im a sucker for a good time, I of course had to spend the wknd in Vegas. The highlights go like this: Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, getting all 10 of my little sister's friends into TAO and TRYST, winning 160$ at Blackjack, then losing 170$ at Blackjack, then breaking even again as I left, drinking so much at the WET REPUBLIC cabana that I don't remember 500$ dinner at KRAFT STEAKHOUSE, finding 25cents on PARIS casino floor, finding a dime on sidewalk-(thats 30 cents total!), seeing Paris Hilton at WET REPUBLIC and wondering why, with all her money and opportunity to travel she would prefer to be at a crappy pool in Veg-ass, accidentally calling a card dealer 'mahm'-only to notice their name tag said 'Robert'-whoops...aaaaannnnnddd...the rest is lost in a haze of fruity drinks.

BUT, the 'HENDERSON SUMMER CONCERT SERIES' I played was a good time, and the long line of characters I met at the meet/greet were quite unforgettable. Thank you and goodnight, Henderson!!

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