May 28, 2010


singing the National Anthem in public in one of the scariest things you can do as a singer. Everyone once in a while i like to put myself through it, just to stay on my toes. Two events were especially cool, one was for a Dodger/Mets game at Dodger stadium, and the other was at a Tiger Woods/Bill Clinton event.

I arrived at Dodger stadium with my manager. He was an insane Dodgers fan, and giddy with excitement. I was taken to meet the organist, I needed to tell her which key I'd be singing in. (I prefer to sing the Anthem in F Major). then I hung out in my dressing room until game time. Before any big performance I get very quiet and detached from my surroundings...I don't really notice anybody. And so I sat for an hour, lost in my thoughts. As I was mic-ed and walked to the field, my head was racing...remember the words, walk calmly-don't trip, remember the words, PLEASE don't confuse the verses.

I stood on the pitching mound as they announced my name and asked 20,000 people to stand for the Anthem. In my earpiece I heard the organist start her robotic, emotionless rendition of our Anthem, and I opened my mouth and went for it. I NAILED it! My face on that huge tv screen appeared calm and happy, while I hit every note and lyric perfectly. Quite a rush, I must say.

The Tiger Woods/Bills Clinton event was a bit different, although just as nerve wracking. It was for the opening of the Tiger Woods Community Learning Center in OC, and I would be singing acapella!! (no music people...just a tad harder than the Dodger Game). Upon my arrival I was taken to see the stage and do a sound check, then led to a dressing room where I had several hours to chill and eat fruit plates. after awhile, I went to meet/take a picture with President Clinton and Tiger. (I've known tiger for years through my family, but meeting Bill Clinton for the first time was a treat). I look awful in the pic, so i won't be posting it on my blog...but it was really fun to hang with both of them and chat. It was finally time to sing, so I hit the stage with Mr. Clinton, Tiger, and Maria Schriver...just us 4. And in front of 500,ooo news cameras, I again opened my mouth and went for it...this time with no music. And again, I got it right and made my country proud., hahaghjf. Goooood times. I look forward to the next time I attempt the National Anthem in public.


  1. i was at a high school football game once and the chick forgot the words and repeated phrases. it was kind of funny, especially since she was a terrible singer with the worst texan accent...ever.

  2. WTG! That has to be one of the hardest songs ever, with or without music.