July 17, 2010


I have taken on a ridiculously fun side project...playing keys/singing with musician RY CUMING! and guess what...we're going on tour with Maroon 5 throughout the next months! Good times ahead my friends, and you will be there for it all. Of course I am recording my own album at the same time, so I have absolutely every moment accounted for these days.

My first show with Ry was this last thursday at the Santa Monica Pier. I got the call to play with him last monday, so I had 3 days to learn the 6 songs we played onstage! To do intense music memory work like that is painful-I felt like quitting, crying, giving up and becoming a banker...(all these thoughts go through our mind when we're put through hard work, don't they? And please, NO offense to bankers!)

BUT, i buckled down and got through the memorization, and it was so satisfying to play that first concert. You can bet your ass i'm relaxing this weekend.

Checkout Myspace.com/RyCuming for our tour dates and come see us in your city!!

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