July 1, 2010


Yehuda Berg is an amazing Kabbalist, and a teacher of mine and so many others throughout the world. He emails a daily lesson, simple and life changing...today's is below. I love waking up to his daily message, each one is SO applicable to whatever I'm going through in life. Kabbalah is simply the spiritual truth we all know in our hearts, it doesn't matter what 'name' is applied. If you'd like to learn more and signup for Yehuda's 'Daily Tune-up'...visit his website YehudaBerg.com

Thursday July 1, 2010

We punish people in the present for things that happened in the past.

When you feel cruelty arising today, check in and see where it’s coming from. Yes, the person in front of you may be acting like a jerk, but they're not the cause of your reaction. It’s about something that happened in your past.

Take responsibility for your reactions today. Don’t hang blame on the outside world. Ask for guidance to see into your shadows.