October 5, 2010


When I woke up on the bus today, I was in the quaint colonial town of Annapolis, MD. I accidentally slept in until noon, and when I looked out the window at the historic buildings, I freaked out that I'd been missing hours in this fantastic city. So I threw on my clothes, grabbed my camera and set out.When I hit an old city, I ask to be taken to the most historic and authentic restaurant. Most times I can't find what I'm talking about, and the cab driver or friend I'm asking just looks at me with confusion. But TODAY was my lucky day...I hadn't walked more than one block when I came to Reynold's Tavern, built in 1747!!! It's served as a restaurant and hotel for almost 300 years, and I rushed inside and found a table in the small central dining room. I sat for hours with my book and ordered their afternoon high tea. BEST tea i've ever had, and how fantastic to hang out in such a room.
By this point I had a gnarly caffeine buzz, and I set out in search of an old book store I learned of. I ventured down lots of tiny cobbled streets and finally came to The Annapolis Bookstore. After 30 minutes of browsing, one book kept grabbing my attention. (Yes this sounds hoaky, but it's fun to go into a bookstore and let yourself gravitate towards certain books for no apparent reason...you can find some special ones that way). This particular book is titled 'Fairy Tales; Their Origin and Meaning'. It was written in 1878, and traces your typical disney-fied princess fairy tales back to ancient cultures...including Egyptian and Celtic stories. It was a bit pricey, but I splurged and bought it for my collection!
On the way back to the venue, I toured the Maryland State House, built in the 1770s. It is the oldest Governmental center in the Nation. It was here in 1783 that George Washington resigned his commission before the Congress, and in 1784,Congress ratified the Treaty of Paris to end the Revolutionary War. I photographed my new book in the very room where George Washington gave his famous resignation speech...the room where the earliest plans for the US were hatched. I sat in that room alone for a long time.
I also had to include a picture of the marble floors in the great hall...the marble was imported from Vermont, and is dotted with 400 million year old snail fossils!! Which meeeeaaaaans that Vermont was under the ocean.
Concert tonight was at The Rams Head...our last show with Justin Nozuka and Alex Cuba. I will miss you guys. Everyone reading should get into their music, they're amazing artists. Thanks to the music fans, you packed the house! Now I must sleep briefly before getting on a plane to go play with Maroon 5 at the Santa Barbara Bowl tomorrow!

Reynold's Tavern................................http://www.reynoldstavern.org/
Maryland State House.........................http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdstatehouse/html/home.html
The Annapolis Bookstore.....................http://www.annapolisbookstore.com

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