October 1, 2010


When i woke up on our bus, it was parked in the heart of Philadelphia. I took off walking and didn't return until sundown. I first stopped at a sweet little cafe and had tea and a blueberry tart.

I ventured into the historic district and stopped into every church and cemetery along the way. (it's not that I have a 'thing'
for this, I am afterall Hindu...its just that churches are such epicenters of human experience...death, birth, personal prayer...really special energy). The huge churches were empty and I sat the longest in St. Joseph's...the oldest church in the city. And amazing to stand at the graves of men who signed our Declaration of Independence.

I then moved on to several other historic houses and such before meeting my cousin Hayley for lunch. On the way, we stopped in to see the Liberty Bell. Not sure why it's SO significant, since it's explained that it is THOUGHT to be ONE of the bells rung for important announcements...but still neat.

We ate in a market/cafe before heading to the 'Physician's Of Philadelphia Mutter Museum.' What a bazaar, grotesque and educational place!! You must go if you're in Philly. And click the bottom link to find out more, because I can't even begin to highlight the exhibit. The museum holds real bodies/body parts...all defected or diseased. (Haley is in medical school at University of Pennsylvania...second ranked medical school in the NATION!!)....and her input made the experience great.

I then rushed back to the venue (Center For The Living Arts) for our show. We had a great time onstage, thanks to all you great music fans who were there screaming!

Signing off from my bunk on the bumpy bus.

Mutter Museum........................www.collphyphil.org
Historic Carpenter's Hall........http://www.tryphilly.com/carp.htm
Liberty Bell................................http://www.visitphilly.com/history/philadelphia/the-liberty-bell-center/

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