April 21, 2011


My friend/fellow artist Jesika and I are settled into our new home...and it is bursting with creativity. Exactly the home environment we were both craving. I've added many touches to make this space mine. Surrounded by my favorite things, it takes alot to get me out of the house these days! I really feel a bedside table is essential to healthy living...it should bepeaceful and inspiring to you. On mine, I have a picture of Ama (The Hugging Saint), as well as my crystal light, a book I'm reading, and a journal.

My room is also filled with my oldest books, and my favorite pieces of art.

While I'm making music upstairs, Jesika is painting her next masterpiece downstairs. We are still close enough that we can share stories and laugh.

Her art is already filling the walls of our place, the latest one of Johnny Depp's lady.

And of course, the meditation center...where my Zohar is displayed under Buddha...positive energy for the room.

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FOR MORE OF JESIKA'S ART...www.Jesika.me

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  1. Tongues tied and twisted, softly submissive. As the cigarette burns and the beer shortens, the reality becomes more self evident. Double edged swards are kind of like reflections. Even though you may think that they are identical, the subtleties speak volumes. Waves over an S and a G near the end resemble something present.