April 10, 2011


Me and Taylor Locke singing Chris Price's 'Suicide'...these guys are insanely good musicians and we always ask each other to sing on different projects. Between the two of them, they play in ROONEY, THE ROUGHS, and PRICE.


  1. Lucy I like your singing but,this song was bad for me.My brother committed suicide 15 years ago and what he to his famliy and daughter was very stupid.It hit really me hard when I heard this song.

  2. Big V,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. That's a terrible thing to go through that I also had to deal with in middle school when one of my best friends took his life. I didn't write this song to make light of suicide. Writing and singing it was my way of dealing with my own emotions about my friend, and working through the times in my life when I myself have felt weakest and on the verge of doing something stupid. The subject matter is very serious, and the upbeat nature of the song was meant to be theraputic. I'm trying to smile through the sadness, if you will. Maybe I wasn't successful in your eyes. If you were offended, I am deeply sorry. Wasn't my intention at all.

    Chris Price.

  3. Great thoughts, both of you. I too have lost loved ones to suicide, I think it's a very common sadness. Xo

  4. Really nice performance and song- Suicide is a really sensitive subject and music is a great way of expressing. Lost 2 friends to suicide this past 2 years...

    Ruth Oroshnik