December 27, 2011


I wore myself out around London today. I was sad to leave my family in the countryside, but determined to get in and go to my places. I decided on this trip not to take any pictures. I usually document everything, and I miss the experience in the moment because I am too focused on capturing it to share later. SO, not one real picture from my adventures today.

I came into London on the train, and after quickly dropping my bags at a friend's flat, I went straight to "Fortnum & Mason" tea sellers, the most luxurious in the world...and of course they supply the Queen. The store was recommended to me by my acting teacher Gloria Gifford, a woman who LOVES beauty above all...and this place was HEAVEN...four floors of specialty teas, porcelain, crystal and sweets.

I spent all my day's money, and I'm going back tomorrow...I need a few more things.

I then made it over to Trafalgar Square, to "St. Martin in the Fields" church to see Romanian pianist VICTOR NICOARA give a concert. He was fantastic, and younger than me!


Then I walked along the Thames River for hours, and ended up at The National Theatre to see a play called "Grief"...also fantastic.


And to top off my theatre date with...myself...I walked home across the huge bridge that overlooks The House of Parliament.

Another full day tomorrow, all recorded simply in my own memory. Toss our damn technology and try it.

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    I am glad you enjoyed the concert and thank you for the kind words. It's nice to see people taking an interest in some more "unusual" music.

    Best wishes,