July 23, 2009

The Hotel Cafe

My favorite part of my concert at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood was that there was a packed audience of unfamiliar faces. This is always satisfying as a musician, to see strangers loving the music that I'm honored to create. My set included mostly brand new songs, I've been a writing machine lately. I like to share abit of the story behind songs as I go, so it really becomes more than just the music, it becomes something we can all be part of. And I'm so inspired by the people who come up after shows and tell me how one of my songs explains their situation/thoughts perfectly...that connection is why we love music, is it not? I sang at the piano for most of the show, except for an acoustic song called 'Secret Knock' with my guitarist Chas serenading as I sang on a stool. Other songs included 'Fly Fly Fly' (one I recently wrote on an airplane flight strangely enough)...and of course I ended the night with many people's favorite 'Lullaby'. Fabulous night, let's do it again in YOUR town.

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  1. I love Lullaby! A lot of your new material that is on your myspace sounds amazing, so I can only imagine that seeing you live would be even better. I love the blog, and thanks for keeping us updated. Lucy Walsh = Musical Euphoria. :)